The recent vulnerability divulged by Microsoft that affected hundreds of thousands of on-premises Microsoft Exchange servers was taken advantage of just 3 days later in an attack dubbed “Hafnium”, with over 30,000 organizations impacted in just the United States alone.

This vulnerability allows attackers to take control of internet-facing Exchange servers, leaving the door open for continued attacks. This news highlights the lack of response planning and execution that exists within organizations when critical flaws like the one empowering the Hafnium attack are identified.

In this webinar, our own Chris Pace and Kev Breen join Microsoft MVP, Nick Cavalancia, to take a look at critical zero-day vulnerabilities and how to respond to them. In addition, Chris and Kev walk through labs, provide a crisis simulation related to Hafnium and cover a number of topics, including:

  • The Hafnium attack and its associate vulnerability
  • Other kinds of reported zero-day attacks
  • Formulating an appropriate response

March 24, 2021