A Modern Approach to Cybersecurity Upskilling

Legacy, in-person training is fundamentally flawed. Expensive courses eat up your security budget while having no measurable impact on hands-on skills.

We are pioneering an entirely new approach to assessing, building, and proving an organization’s ability to effectively respond to the latest cyber threats. This is Cyber Workforce Resilience.

Legacy Training vs. Cyber Workforce Resilience
with Immersive Labs

Legacy Training Limitations

Not engaging. Classroom-based learning that focuses on theory instead of practical skills.

Not continuous. Learners attend expensive and infrequent in-person trainings and cannot learn “On Demand”.

Slow and out of date. Point-in-time training is out of date as soon as it is completed. In-person trainings are too slow to help with emerging threats.

Not evidence-based. Multiple-choice exams and paper certificates do not ensure that participants have acquired practical knowledge.

Expensive and requires travel. Not only are in-person courses themselves expensive, but employees must take time out of their jobs and may have significant travel costs.

Lack of accessible breadth and depth of content. Individuals can only take a limited number of courses due to time and budget constraints.

Only for the “elite”! In-person training is too expensive for every worthy cybersecurity professional to take part. Beginners are left behind.

The Immersive Labs Approach

Hands-On, Active Learning. Live sandbox environments ensure learning covers both theory and practical skills.

Always-On, Continuous Skill Development. On-demand content enables teams to learn anywhere and at any time, enabling continuous skill development.

Always Up-To-Date. The latest Cyber Threat Intelligence labs enable teams to understand and defend against new threats in as little as 24 hours.

Evidence-Based. Performance data for both individuals and teams can help organizations understand, baseline, benchmark, and prove their cyber capabilities.

Value-Driven. Users can benefit from as much content as they like and fit learning into their weekly routine – no travel required.

Broad & Deep Content. Over 2,000 hands-on challenges for beginner, intermediate, and the most advanced audiences.

Accessible Across the Organization. People across the organization can build knowledge, skills, and judgment, from beginners to the elite and from techs to execs.

HSBC is a customer of Immersive Labs

The speed at which Immersive Labs produces technical content is hugely impressive, and this turnaround has helped get our teams ahead of the curve, giving them hands-on experience with serious vulnerabilities, in a secure environment, as soon as they emerge.

TJ Campana, Head of Global Cybersecurity Operations, HSBC