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Cyber Team Sim

To truly understand your organization’s cyber resilience, you need to understand the capability of your workforce.

Cybersecurity teams can only prove they’re prepared for the latest threats by measuring performance in realistic environments as complex as their day-to-day operations. In-house facilitation can drain resources, but Immersive Labs’ Cyber Team Sim takes technical exercising to the next level.

Enable a cadence of technical exercising

Spin up a catalog of scenarios in minutes. Readily available challenges enable your teams to exercise more frequently with minimal impact on resources.

Build confidence in teams’ abilities

Measure your team’s performance by looking at current capability and improvement over time – confirming the return on investment of upskilling.

Immersive Labs Cyber Workforce Resilience Platform

Cyber workforce optimization and crisis response

Certifications and point-in-time solutions can’t keep up with attackers. Organizations need data that proves their offensive and defensive teams understand and are prepared for the latest threats. It’s crucial to exercise teams in realistic environments to measure capabilities accurately and optimize the wider workforce.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to play through a Cyber Team Sim scenario?2022-06-03T07:02:35+00:00

Cyber Team Sim exercises can be completed across multiple days to ensure flexibility for busy security teams. Scenarios usually take between four and eight hours to complete, with new content released regularly to reflect the latest vulnerabilities and cyber attacks.

What types of scenarios are available for Cyber Team Sim?2022-06-03T07:02:10+00:00

Offensive and defensive team scenarios are available, centered around specific vulnerabilities and attacks. A series of tasks may relate to exploiting networks, investigating OT disruption, or tracking attackers through environments.

How do Cyber Team Sim exercises differ from labs?2022-06-03T07:01:45+00:00

Cyber Team Sim exercises enable multiple individuals to be in an environment simultaneously, working together to complete multiple tasks as a group. Environments are more complex than those in our bitesize labs, providing a greater depth of exercising realism and covering multiple tools and techniques within one scenario.