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Traditional tabletop exercising doesn’t go far enough. There, we said it. It’s difficult to bring the workforce together, the results and opportunity for learning are limited, and more often than not, they’re truly unengaging.

Immersive Labs’ Crisis Simulator drops teams into truly dynamic scenarios based on real crises. Unlike linear tabletops, our content reflects how a crisis unfolds in the real world – you never know what wicked problem you’ll face next. This maximizes organizations’ crisis preparation, engages participants with exciting storylines and contextual media, and embeds learning through muscle memory. Delivered entirely through the browser, the Crisis Sim removes the organizational burden of traditional tabletopping making it perfect for globally dispersed teams.

Improve cyber response

Immersive Labs empowers technical and non-technical teams to run, build, and evidence their own realistic cyber crisis exercises. With a regular cadence of exercising, teams can build muscle memory and enhance their resilience in a crisis.

Make better informed decisions

The platform gathers data from the regular exercising of incident response across individuals, teams, and the organization as a whole. You can use these reports to better inform your crisis strategies and even improve your hiring practices.

Immersive Labs Cyber Workforce Resilience Platform

Cyber workforce optimization and crisis response

With financial, reputational, regulatory, legal and technical impact, responding effectively to the modern cyber crisis requires knowledge, skills and judgment across the entire workforce. However, organizations often lack a way to prove cross functional crisis response capabilities, and how this plays into wider resilience. Immersive Labs’ focus on Cyber Workforce Resilience can fill this data gap.

The Thailand Banking Sector Computer Emergency Response Team (TB-CERT) needed an exercise solution that could be delivered remotely to its 27 member banks – equating to hundreds of users across the sector. TB-CERT delivered a successful event alongside Kroll’s security risk team by developing an exercise using Immersive Labs’ Cyber Crisis Simulator. The process took less than a month from start to finish.

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Realistic simulation of current threats is the only way to test and improve response readiness, and to ensure that the impact of a real attack is minimized. Immersive Labs’ innovative platform, combined with Kroll’s extensive experience, provides the closest thing to replication of a real incident—all within a safe virtual environment.

Paul Jackson
Regional Managing Director, APAC Cyber Risk

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to play through a crisis scenario?2022-04-11T20:12:31+00:00

As long as you want! Crisis Sims are fully customizable to suit your unique timescales. Immersive Labs’ catalog scenarios can be undertaken as a team drill, interactive facilitated presentation, or assigned to an individual to complete asynchronously, so runtime varies in length. On average, an individual could complete a short scenario in 30 minutes, whereas a facilitated exercise can take anywhere up to a few hours (or more!) to allow for discussion, breaks, or extra activities.

How does Crisis Sim differ from traditional tabletop exercising?2022-03-27T23:29:04+00:00

Immersive Labs’ Crisis Simulator takes crisis exercising a huge step further than traditional tabletopping. Realistic scenarios allow all members of the team – whether that’s individually, collectively, or as a facilitated exercise – to learn and practice how to respond to crises effectively and realistically. Scenarios are written in a way that leads to specific data output around confidence and performance, so organizations can build muscle memory in key areas and understand what areas need improvement with in-depth, data-led analysis.

Offensive security courses and certifications go out of date the minute they are completed because new threat actors and techniques are constantly emerging. With new labs released all the time, red teams can constantly stay up to date with new technologies and risks.

What threats and sectors does Crisis Sim cover?2022-04-11T20:11:13+00:00

Immersive Labs’ catalog content covers crucially relevant topics like data breaches, ransomware attacks, phishing, and supply chain compromises in the form of exciting crisis scenarios arising from chatbot hacks, poisoned water facilities, insider threats, IT and OT collisions, and even hospital, university, and vehicle factory meltdowns. Our catalog content has sims in a number of sectors, including finance, government, energy, telecommunications, healthcare, retail, and more! Every scenario is fully customizable, so you can edit an existing sim or build your own from scratch to suit your organization’s needs.