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Cloud Security2023-04-14T17:00:21+00:00
Cloud Security Training

Cloud Security

It’s hard to ignore the benefits of cloud services. Organizations are constantly at risk of existing and emerging threats, and the fast pace of designing and building cloud workloads means more vulnerabilities will always surface. You need a security-first mindset covering every aspect of cloud development to reduce these risks.

Immersive Labs assesses and enhances the cloud security capabilities of everyone involved in cloud workloads, whether designing, developing, or administering. If you’re just starting or a seasoned pro, Immersive Labs’ on-the-pulse content keeps you at the forefront of cloud security.

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Cyber workforce resilience and cloud security

Cyber workforce optimization is a single SaaS platform that continuously assesses and improves human cyber knowledge, skills, and judgment. Cloudsec is just one aspect of the bigger picture: every member of your organization has a role in cybersecurity, meaning everyone has to be resilient.

Our Vision

Prevent vulnerabilities arising in the cloud

Everyone involved in developing cloud workloads should be able to follow security best practices correctly. With Immersive Labs’ cloud security offering, users are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and judgment to secure cloud services, infrastructure, and related technologies effectively.

Continually measure cloud security resilience

You can measure and track the maturity of your organization’s cloud security capabilities over time. Powerful data insights within the Immersive Labs platform map individual and teams’ cloud security efficacy against industry frameworks like MITRE ATT&CK.

Immersive Labs Cyber Workforce Resilience Platform

Immersive Labs Cyber Workforce Resilience Platform

Examples of our ever-growing languages and frameworks

Cloud Security Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to access Immersive Labs’ offensive content?2022-06-10T13:41:10+00:00

All of our labs are based in the cloud and load up in seconds, meaning everyone can access Immersive content experiences whenever, wherever.

What threats and topics do Immersive Labs’ offensive content experiences cover?2022-06-10T13:41:25+00:00

Our offensive practical labs cover topics like reconnaissance, web app hacking, and infrastructure hacking, focusing on the tools and techniques used by threat actors that pose the biggest risks to your organization. We also offer skill series on offensive tooling including Metasploit, Burp Suite, Powershell, Windows Sysinternals, and PoshC2.

How is this approach different from traditional offsec training?2022-06-10T13:41:35+00:00

Traditional red team cybersecurity training often takes place in a static question and answer format, following a rote learning approach of remembering information. This can be unstimulating for participants and lacks a measurable impact on the wider organization in terms of its resilience.

Offensive security courses and certifications go out of date the minute they are completed because new threat actors and techniques are constantly emerging. With new labs released all the time, red teams can constantly stay up to date with new technologies and risks.

Every organization needs cloud security

Learn from Matt Parven, Principal Security Engineer, on why hardening your cloud workload is critical to your organization.

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