Continually test, measure and improve human cyber capabilities—with a single platform

Cyber resilience is about being able to continuously deliver business outcomes in the face of ever-changing risk. Now organizations are able to demonstrate true confidence in their cyber resilience. With Cyber Workforce Resilience, companies can continually test, measure and optimize cyber knowledge, skills and judgment all with one powerful platform.

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Immersive Labs Cyber Workforce Resilience Platform

Immersive Labs Cyber Workforce Resilience Platform

Do you have something to prove?

When organizations are expected to prove key cybersecurity dependencies, Cyber Workforce Resilience evidences resilience and confidence in decision-making.

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The speed at which Immersive Labs produces technical content is hugely impressive, and this turnaround has helped get our teams ahead of the curve, giving them hands-on experience with serious vulnerabilities, in a secure environment, as soon as they emerge.

HSBC is a customer of Immersive Labs

TJ Campana
Head of Global Cybersecurity Operations

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Aplication Security

Application security

Developers evidence their ability to build securely—as well as identify and remediate vulnerabilities in real development environments. This can be tied to the results of code deployments to show how continuous skills development leads to better muscle memory when building applications.

Cross Organization Resilience

Cross-organization resilience

Organization-wide cyber crisis exercises, purpose-built, recreate your specific environments and allow you to battle-test resilience as real emerging threats impact your business.

Better Decisions from Leadership

Incident & crisis ready leadership

Using the Immersive Labs Cyber Crisis Simulator, executives and defined crisis roles can evidence decision-making against emerging industry threats—taking into account rationale, confidence and judgment to provide metrics on crisis response and demonstrating improvement over the time.

Secure Infrastructure

Secure infrastructure

Organizations can continuously evidence their cloud engineering capabilities to identify and remediate typical vulnerabilities and cloud misconfigurations.

Measure Cloud Resilience

Effective security operations

Practical cloud-based simulations mirroring the most recent critical security threats, allow teams to evidence their ability to conduct both offensive and defensive cyber operations mapped to industry frameworks.

Immersive Labs Partners with Kroll to Deliver Remote Crisis Exercise to Thailand Banking

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Realistic simulation of current threats is the only way to test and improve response readiness, and to ensure that the impact of a real attack is minimized. Immersive Labs’ innovative platform, combined with Kroll’s extensive experience, provides the closest thing to replication of a real incident—all within a safe virtual environment.

Paul Jackson
Regional Managing Director, APAC Cyber Risk

Measure, map, maximize organizational cyber capabilities—continually

Immersive Labs is the world’s first Cyber Workforce Resilience solution that empowers organizations to measure, map to risk, and optimize cyber abilities of their entire workforce.

Immersive Labs contains hundreds of cyber skill experiences and content for red teams, penetration testers and ethical hackers. We’re always adding more, powered by the very latest threat intelligence.Learn more
Immersive Labs houses hundreds of cyberskill experiences and content to drive cyber resilience for security analysts, incident responders and threat hunters. And we’re always adding more powered by the very latest threat intelligence. Learn more
Organizations are continuously developing, updating and improving applications and infrastructure. Immersive Labs delivers a wide range of challenge-based experiences to equip teams across the entire software lifecycle to identify, fix and prevent security vulnerabilities in your applications.Learn more
Finding the right security talent is easier said than done. Roles require an intricate mix of skill sets, and candidates’ abilities fade fast, leaving knowledge gaps before you even hire someone. We help you fix this problem by allowing organizations to test applicants against the specific skills required. This also eliminates subconscious hiring bias early on in the process.Learn more