Arming Organizations Against Cyber Threats Since 2017

How it began

It began with a bright idea—a platform that would instill readiness, resilience and confidence in human cyber capabilities. This was CEO James Hadley’s vision back in 2017 after delivering GCHQ’s cyber school.

James recognized that passive, classroom-based training could not keep pace with threats and that it was too passive for cybersecurity talent. He realized an agile, hands-on, solution was required—an approach that allowed individuals and organizations to continuously hone their skills, successfully address new threats, and become familiar with the latest tools and techniques. Since 2017, Immersive Labs has been delivering on that promise.

Real-time measurement

Immersive Labs powers the real-time measurement of human cyber capabilities across technical and non-technical teams—any role within the organization, including cyber teams, developers, engineers and executives—all in one platform. We call this Cyber Workforce Resilience.

Today, Immersive Labs has over 300 employees across the UK, US and EMEA, with hubs in Bristol, UK and Boston, MA. To date, we’ve secured $189 million in investment from Insight Partners, Menlo Ventures, Citi Ventures, Summit Partners, Ten Eleven Ventures, and Goldman Sachs. Our technology is already helping over 300 enterprises around the world, including Citi, Pfizer, Daimler, Humana, HSBC, UK Ministry of Defence, and the UK National Health Service, while around 5,000 labs are completed every single day.

Want to learn more?

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