TechRepublic: Cognitive agility can help solve some “wicked” cybersecurity challenges

As appeared in TechRepublic on 8 February 2021

Emergency responders practice continually so that their response during a crisis is inherent and automatic. This approach is also used by many cybersecurity teams, and with good reason: In an emergency, time to think, gather information, and consider all options is limited. Practice builds in an element of unconscious response, along with the ability to be guided by intuition.

This approach is based on a school of thought called naturalistic decision-making (NDM) and has changed many crisis outcomes for the better. There is a challenge though: What if the responder is confronted with a new situation?  

"While NDM has some benefits, research also shows that intuition can lead to crisis responders doing something without knowing why," said psychologist Rebecca McKeown in her Immersive Labs article The Psychology of Cyber: Why thinking on your feet is critical to cyber crisis response. "In new situations with complex never-before-seen variables, an intuitive and gut-feel response could therefore be incorrect."

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8 February 2021

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