Our Mission

Immersive Labs are the cyber skill experts. We are transforming the way people learn by engaging their curiosity and unleashing their potential with content informed by real-world events and threats.

Our Story

Where it all began

James Hadley founded Immersive Labs in January 2017 after delivering GCHQ’s cyber summer school. During these sessions he realised that passive classroom-based learning doesn’t suit the people or pace of cybersecurity. The content dated quickly, and its one-dimensional nature meant the creative minds in the room would quickly disengage. James knew that a practical online solution was necessary, but that it must go beyond basic interactive content; instead, it must allow learners to handle live threats safely, equipping them with skills suited to real-world cyber roles.

Where we are now

In the two years since James founded Immersive Labs, we’ve grown to over 100 employees in the UK and have just launched our North American HQ in Boston, MA. We have recently announced series B funding of $40 million, led by Summit Partners and Goldman Sachs. Our technology is already helping over 100 enterprises, including Aviva, Grant Thornton, Sophos and the NHS, to power up their cyber workforces.

Our Offices

Runway East, 1 Victoria Street
Bristol, BS1 6AA

Tel: 020 3893 9101

200 Berkeley Street, 19th Floor,
Boston, MA 02116, USA

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