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Cybersecurity Training to Prepare Against Emerging Threats

You don’t need us to tell you that attacks and breaches happen. What’s most important is an organization’s response, and that response can’t be put solely in the virtual hands of technology, automation or artificially intelligent machines. The cyber humans of your business must stand prepared in the face of emerging threats.

Attackers are continuously powering up. Are you?

You can’t build human cyber readiness in a classroom. From the moment that linear, once a year training courses are over, relevant cyber skills begin to decay. Immersive Labs keeps your teams in touch with the latest tools and attack techniques. 

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Shifting the balance of power to the humans in cybersecurity

Immersive Labs delivers hands-on, challenge-based skill experiences. But more importantly, it provides businesses with evidence of human expertise and readiness.   

What we’re building

We're continuously developing technology and content that helps businesses to increase and evidence human capability in their cybersecurity.

Our Product

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See how Immersive Labs can power human cyber readiness in your business.

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"There is a critical shortage of cyber specialists across the globe and current professionals need to keep their skills sharp."


Our role in our communities


Giving Back

Immersive Labs is involved in a number of schemes freeing up our team to donate their time and energy to those in need.


Digital Cyber Academies

We provide a version of our platform for free to users in higher education worldwide to improve their cyber skills

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Social Responsibility

As well as being involved in many initiatives promoting gender and neurodiversity, we’re also hugely proud to be offsetting all of our carbon emissions.

Leadership team

Immersive Labs is led by a team of natural innovators, seasoned cybersecurity professionals and experts in their chosen fields. 

Leadership and Investors


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US Office

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We help businesses to increase and evidence human capability in every part of cybersecurity.

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