The Immersive Labs Resilience Score

How do you know your organization will be resilient in the face of ever-increasing and more sophisticated cyber attacks? The Immersive Labs Resilience Score uses advanced statistical techniques to demonstrate that resilience can be assessed, benchmarked, improved, and proven in a clear, data-driven way.


The Resilience Score is a single value that an organization can use to measure its overall cyber workforce resilience. The algorithm evaluates multiple factors using performance data from across the platform and enables organizations to understand:

  • Their overall cyber resilience
  • Trends and progress
  • Comparisons to industry and best in-class benchmarks

Overall Resilience Score

Your overall Cyber Workforce Resilience – in a single, easy-to-understand score!

Platform modules

View platform coverage

Progress over time

Baseline performance and track progress


Compare your organization to benchmarks
and “best in class” performers

Negative / Positive factors

Understanding the factors impacting your organization-wide resilience. Assign actions to improve resilience
– right from the dashboard!

The Resilience Score Calculation


1. Strengthen Executive Decision Making in Cyber Crises

2. Measure and Strengthen Workforce Cyber Hygiene

3. Assess Security Team Capability in Realistic Scenarios

4. Expand Cyber Framework Coverage

5. Measure and Improve Secure Coding Practices

6. Ensure your Security Teams can respond to the latest threats

7. Encourage Technical Managers to Drive Upskilling

8. Ensure Cloud Engineers Follow Secure Practices

9. Verify the Skills of New Talent


Ensure that key decision-makers are frequently exercised to enhance their decision-making abilities in real-life crisis situations.

Minimize your organization’s vulnerability to attacks by consistently exercising and upskilling your workforce.

Test the effectiveness of your upskilled technical teams in realistic, team-based scenarios.

Measure the depth and breadth of your team’s coverage across the MITRE ATT&CKTM framework.

Validate your developers’ ability to write secure code by ensuring their awareness of secure coding basics.

Maintain up-to-date cyber defense skills by understanding the latest threats and continually upskilling.

In a well-protected organization, managers should guide their teams to upskill in relevant areas.

Assess your cloud engineers’ skills and capabilities to secure your cloud infrastructure.

Screen cyber candidates during the interview process to verify their claimed skills.

Organizational Exercises

Go beyond traditional tabletop exercises and put your teams into dynamic crisis simulations to maximize executive training schedules.

Hands-on Labs

Hands-on technical cybersecurity training for your enterprise.