How to prove cyber resilience

Throwing money at cybersecurity software doesn’t guarantee your organization is immune to risk. It is impossible to prevent every attack and the organization must be able to flexibly adapt and respond.

Unfortunately, cybersecurity leaders routinely fail to adequately measure organizational attack preparedness. In a data-driven world, when the Board or other senior leader asks about response readiness, you don’t want your answer to be based on opinion.

Cybersecurity software’s siloed approach to protection is inadequate, failing to protect revenues and brand reputations.

Why? Because software doesn’t account for an organization’s most vital defense against evolving threats: its people.

What is Cyber Resilience and Why Does it Matter More Than Ever?

Cyber resilience refers to cross-organizational capabilities–including the tech stack, endpoint security, monitoring processes, and day-to-day security approaches—that create resilience against cyber attacks. Conventional definitions, however, lack identification of the people component that is vital to achieving true resilience.

In fact, according to Verizon’s 2022 Data Breach Investigations Report, 82% of global breaches involve the human element, including social attacks, errors, and misuse. In this current threat landscape, it is vital to assess, build, and provide cybersecurity capabilities across teams and individuals to thwart would-be attacks.

What Role Do People Play in Cyber Resilience?

The way we work, where we work, and how we work has changed dramatically in recent years. Given this dramatic shift, vulnerabilities have been created, particularly with distributed end-users.

In a world of commoditized cybercrime, all employees must possess an agile mindset that enables immediate response to different threat levels. This approach can be achieved through equipping your people with skill sets that empower them to make savvy, in-the-minute decisions that protect an organization against threats from the ground up.

How Can my Organization Build and Measure Cyber Resilience?

Building and measuring cyber security resilience starts with a cultural shift reinforced through ongoing amplification and education.

Through targeted, meaningful learning implemented at a regular cadence, you can not only show improvement around decision making, skill set, and confidence in policies and procedures, but you can also tangibly measure and benchmark individual and team progress.

Immersive Labs helps you continuously assess, build, and prove your cyber capabilities and team readiness across your entire organization, from front-line cybersecurity and development teams to board-level executives.

To learn more, check out our recent webinar, Measuring Cyber Resilience: How to Prove to the Board Your Team is Ready for the Next Attack.

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November 14, 2022


Victoria Campbell

Content Writer