In the journey toward more inclusive and diverse workplaces, the wisdom and insight from established female leaders offer invaluable guidance. Sandra McDevitt, our Chief People Officer, and Julie Chapman, our Chief Customer Officer, sit at the executive table at Immersive Labs. With extensive experience and accomplishments as organizational leaders, they have a wealth of tips and advice for aspiring leaders.

Embracing strengths and loving uncertainty: Sandra’s journey

Sandra attributes much of her success to two pivotal pieces of advice. Firstly, the importance of playing to your strengths — a strategy that has not only guided her career but also informed her approach to building dynamic teams. Recognizing what one excels at and seeking out complementary talents in others creates a robust foundation for any team.

Equally impactful was the advice to embrace and love uncertainty. For Sandra, this perspective has been crucial, especially in her role within People Operations, where change is a constant. Viewing uncertainty as an opportunity rather than a challenge facilitates adaptation and growth, essential qualities in today’s ever-evolving work environments.

Establishing boundaries and prioritizing well-being: Julie’s perspective

Julie shares a complementary, yet distinct, viewpoint: the importance of establishing clear priorities and boundaries. The advice from her mentor to maintain a healthy work-life balance has been a guiding light. It underscores the importance of not losing sight of personal well-being and relationships in the pursuit of professional achievements. For Julie, this approach has not only been a cornerstone of her career success, but has also ensured she remains present for life’s important moments.

Valuable advice for female leaders

Looking to the future, both leaders express a desire to pass on their learned wisdom. Sandra emphasizes the value of ownership and solution-focused action. In her view, recognizing issues and being proactive in implementing solutions is a key differentiator in professional advancement. It’s about turning strategy into action and making noticeable changes.

Julie echoes the sentiment of pursuing goals with passion while maintaining personal boundaries. Her commitment to balancing professional aspirations with family time serves as a powerful example of how clear priorities enable success across different facets of life.

Inspiring inclusion: a vision for leadership

Sandra and Julie reflect on the profound impact inclusive leadership has on a company. Sandra highlights the critical role of company culture and the promotion process in fostering diversity and inclusion. She stresses the importance of visibility in senior roles for women, people of color, and junior staff, emphasizing that representation is key to normalizing diversity at all levels of an organization.

Julie points to the benefits of inclusive leadership, including enhanced employee engagement, innovation, and a competitive edge in the global marketplace. By valuing and seeking out diverse perspectives, companies not only improve their performance but also cultivate a culture of belonging and empowerment.

The way forward

The insights from Sandra and Julie illuminate the path for aspiring female leaders, demonstrating the importance of self-awareness, strategic action, and the courage to set and respect one’s own limits. Moreover, their reflections on inclusion underscore the transformative potential of diverse leadership, not just for individuals but for organizations as a whole.

As we navigate the complexities of today’s professional landscape, let us draw inspiration from the experiences of those who have paved the way. By embracing our strengths, facing uncertainty with confidence, and championing inclusion at every level, we can inspire a new generation of leaders poised to make a lasting impact.

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April 10, 2024


Immersive Labs