Are you tired of the same old cybersecurity training programs that never seem to get the job done? Cyber attacks can devastate a company’s reputation, finances, and operations, yet organizations are still struggling to find effective ways to reduce risk. So, if hackers continuously evolve their techniques, it only makes sense for defenders to do the same.

It’s time to build your organizational capabilities using a continuous cyber-exercising program. Now, you may think, “Yeah, right, no one can do that.” But what if continuous exercising wasn’t about any one person or department? What if it was something that extended training from technical implementers to line managers to C-levels and the boardroom? Well, that’s exactly what a complete cyber resilience platform does. To find out how, read on.

There’s a proven, innovative way to approach continuous cybersecurity readiness training – it’s the Immersive Labs Cyber Workforce Resilience Platform. It offers a dynamic solution that applies continuous training across multiple levels of an organization to assess, build, and prove people-centric cyber resilience. The platform uses organizational exercises, technical team exercises, and hands-on labs to create a steady beat of activity across all key stakeholders to build a resilience program that is measurable, effective, efficient, and, most importantly, continuous.

The Platform

Organizational Exercises – The platform offers cyber “crisis” exercises called Crisis Simulations. These browser-based simulations can scale to support cross-functional teams of executives, security implementers, and remote personnel to stress test the company’s threat response capabilities. By doing so, organizations can identify areas where they need to improve their cybersecurity defenses, take proactive steps to bolster them, and build the confidence needed to act effectively (should the worst happen).

Suggested Cadence of Crisis Simulation Exercises

Technical Exercises – Using Cyber Team Simulations, teams leverage engaging technical challenges to practice their defensive skills. Team scenarios run on our pre-configured cyber ranges using sophisticated network simulations – providing the industry’s easiest way to engage with hyper-realistic range environments. Task-based, these exercises enable your cyber teams to work together on real-world scenarios. They can also run offensive exercises to help probe for vulnerabilities and other security issues.

Available tailored cyber ranges allow technical security teams an even deeper learning option using custom cyber ranges to emulate their production environment and provide a safe area to test tools, develop skills, and learn without draining internal network resources.

Team Sim Recommended Frequency

Hands-On Labs – Our technical Hands-On Labs cover all aspects of cybersecurity, including offensive, defensive, cloud, and application security. Use modern gamified techniques and live environments to study and learn about security fundamentals, malware reverse engineering, and advanced threat hunting. Best of all, organizational and technical exercises produce next-step guidance on additional skill development that map directly to applicable hands-on labs. ON-demand labs can be assigned and run continuously as needed – and these labs can also be used to support career- or task-based learning with pre-defined learning paths.

Data-Driven Reporting – Another key feature of the platform is the ability to track progress and measure the effectiveness of your training programs. This is crucial for demonstrating the value of cybersecurity investments to stakeholders and meeting regulator and governance requirements. You can ensure meeting ever-evolving regulator and governance requirements around exercising – whether from your cyber insurance company, the board, the SEC, or regulators – having detailed reports on training proves you’ve made every effort to prepare and build resilience.

What to do Next

While it may be impossible to prepare for every cyber attack, it’s absolutely possible for organizations to continuously prepare their workforce to improve cyber resilience. The Immersive Labs Cyber Workforce Resilience Platform is a dynamic organization-wide approach – you can turn continuous cyber exercise into a constructive and engaging experience for everyone. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

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May 4, 2023


Gregg Ogden

Principal Product Marketing Manager