How would you manage the transition of your company’s operations to the public cloud? What would you do if you learned your staff were attacking the business from within? These are the kinds of challenge you will face in our new Security Management lab, which demonstrates the impact your decisions have on cyber risk in real time.


The premise is simple: you are Immersive Bank’s new security manager, brought in to improve the organisation’s flagging risk posture. Your first week is a wild one, with 10 unique security challenges arising. The way you handle these will impact the bank’s corporate risk, share price, budget and reputation – so you can’t afford to slip up.


Why the lab is important


Security managers are responsible for every aspect of a business’s cyber security, from developing and implementing security policies, protocols and procedures to controlling budgets for security operations. Most importantly though, they are first responders to security events such as cyber-attacks and data breaches. And this is huge responsibility.


The average security breach costs businesses nearly £3 million on average, and last year, 45% of all UK businesses experienced a cyber-attack or breach. The stakes are extremely high, and as such, every security manager should pre-plan for these incidents. However, they must first understand rules and regulations, what constitutes ethical behaviour, and how decisions can affect their organisation on a financial and reputational level.


I’m not a security manager – why should I care?


Security is everyone’s business – not just those on the cyber front line. The recent breach, which was the result of a successful phishing campaign, is a great example of this, and proof that a single employee can compromise an entire organisation.


The security manager must see the bigger picture and have a greater understanding of responsible decision-making than other employees. To begin thinking like one will greatly boost your own cyber awareness.


Why choose Immersive Labs


At Immersive Labs, we take a different approach to cyber skills development. We recognise the power of self-guided learning and enable users to improve their cyber skills anywhere, anytime using our interactive, gamified and on-demand platform. Our labs are derived from threat intelligence and developed by experts, meaning the skills developed using them can be transferred to the real world immediately.


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June 12, 2019




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