In May Immersive Labs helped Hiscox drum up excitement around its latest product, Cyberclear365, powering their ‘Crack the Cube’ event at Lloyd’s of London. Our aim was to enliven the company’s cyber risk research, which we achieved through interactive games testing cybersecurity knowledge. 

Over 150 insurance underwriters and brokers tested their skills in a bid to win a trip to Las Vegas, the home of world-leading cybersecurity event Black Hat. We applied the same gamification elements that we use on our platform to boost engagement and inspire knowledge retention.

We built the games to focus on areas that affect everyone in an organization. Phishing and exploiting weak passwords are tactics commonly used in cyber-attacks, so we challenged players to spot real phishing emails and create secure passwords under pressure. The games work using a bespoke, touchscreen-based UX with a built-in timer and real-time leaderboard.

Matt Webb, Hiscox Cyber Line Underwriter, said, “The games are interactive; they really bring to life how we can give cyber training through gamification.

“We find that 70% of breaches and intrusions come in via employees, so it’s really important to build the human firewall. Gamifying the training can communicate the message without the employees really realising they’re learning to be that human firewall.”

Immersive Labs is the world’s first fully interactive, gamified and on-demand cyber skills platform. Would your event or campaign benefit from engaging cybersecurity content? Get in touch with us today.

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July 29, 2019


Immersive Labs