Welcome to the Orchid Corp team. We hope you enjoy your first day! Regrettably, a developing cyber incident may just ruin it. But fear not—this isn’t a real crisis. Instead, it’s an exciting glimpse into the world of cybersecurity preparedness and resilience. 

The sad reality is that we all need to adopt a “when, not if” mindset for attacks, emphasizing the need for the human edge in cybersecurity. Understanding the human element is key to truly being prepared for a bad cyber day.

To help with this, we’ve created an immersive experience in which you’re a crucial member of a fictitious company facing a cyber incident. Your decisions will determine whether the situation escalates into a major disaster or whether you can successfully minimize its impact. We call this experience “Immersive Cyber Drills.” 

Throughout the drill, participants will tackle challenges without knowing what’s coming next, simulating a real-world cyber attack scenario. We’re touching on themes such as information sharing, containment actions, threat intelligence, communication, and business impacts.

The experience begins as soon as participants arrive, with everyone gathered in one room. You’ll be assigned to Orchid Corp’s quarterly Business Review Board to work together – technical and leadership teams – to improve the company’s cyber resilience. Then, the teams will split off to tackle various tasks, including strategic risk discussions and supply chain prioritization.

As the drill progresses, decisions such as what you tell the board, customers, and media must be made rapidly. This mirrors the fast-paced nature of a real cyber crisis. Every choice will impact the outcome, from approving containment measures to determining communication strategies. Participants will also face unexpected challenges, such as major service interruptions before a big public event.

Still, Immersive Cyber Drills aren’t just about testing technical or business skills; it’s about fostering teamwork, critical thinking, and effective communication under pressure. You’ll experience the demands of real-time decision-making throughout the drill, with the added complexity of balancing technical solutions with business impacts. It’s a unique opportunity to experience the challenges of a cyber crisis in a safe and controlled environment.

Are you ready to join Orchid Corp’s Cyber Drill and test your skills in a simulated cyber crisis?

Check out our Cyber Drills webpage for more details on how you can participate.

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May 9, 2024


Daniel Potter