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"A lot of fun and very engaging."

Many different labs for a wide variety of security-related topics.
The labs have the right size and often deploy virtual infrastructure.
I feel like I learn way more with this practical approach than just reading a book or watching videos about a topic.

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"Simple format – Bitesize learning at your own pace"

I can dip in and out when I want to and set my own goals. The format of the learning is simple to follow, gets the grey matter working and doesn’t leave you feeling overwhelmed.

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"good content and knowledge"

Labs are interesting, content is good and aimed at all skill levels

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"The best learning platform I have used"

I like that the scenarios are all based on real-world examples of tasks and incidents you might deal with. They react to feedback very quickly and update their labs very quickly too.

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"Immersive Labs is the best online platform to learn. Widely recomended."

I like the independence and how intuitive it’s presented. I like too that there are people in the same sequence and it is of the competitive type. I’m very satisfied.

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"Best online training"

The gamified platform makes it fun to keep coming back and revisiting it.

Not only do I think the platform is amazing for training purposes… Because of the training I have done on ImmersiveLabs, I have landed a job as a Cybersecurity Analsyt, on more money than graduates with degrees in the subject, at the same company,

I can’t state how much I rate the training that I have received through IML.

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"The knowledge is amazing with Immersive Labs"

The labs are so easy for understand, and the exercise, practice and quiz, are help myself for my learning. I use only Inmmersive Labs for all and with all plataforms is the best complete.

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"Best tool for self-learning cybersec"

I really like that this platform allows me to see my progress related to a whole group of students. I usually use wireshark as a compliment to the networking labs, but for me its enough with the included labs and exercises.

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"First time using such an incredibly versatile training service"

I love how the info parts of the practical sessions are very concise and easy to understand. They work perfectly with the practical training activities, and really help reinforce the learning of the task rather than just memorizing old techniques.

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"Real-World Challenge-Filled Training"

I like that Immersive Labs does not spoonfeed you with information but it lets you discover things with guidance. Each person has their own way to study and this platform lets you unleash that.

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