Banish friction and bias in hiring

Finding the right security talent is easier said than done. Roles require an intricate mix of skill sets, and candidates’ abilities fade fast, leaving knowledge gaps before you even hire someone. We help you fix this problem by allowing organizations to test applicants against the specific skills required. This also eliminates subconscious hiring bias early on in the process.

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Zero in on relevant capabilities early in the process

A resume or certificate is not a true indicator of an applicant’s current expertise. Our hands-on experiences allow you to remotely test relevant technical abilities before advancing a candidate to the interview stage. And because our labs are designed to feel as real as possible, you’ll be testing how they might actually perform in the job – and under pressure.

Demystify technical talents and skills

The cybersecurity space is cluttered with a dizzying array of specialist skills which will only continue to fragment as the attack landscape grows. Our platform removes the need for hiring teams to understand these by enabling applicants to prove they possess the required capabilities and providing data on how advanced their capabilities are.

Gather unique insights into cognition and reasoning

When running applicants through a set of drills, we collect performance data across a range of variables, including accuracy and time taken around specific skills. This can be compared to the applicant-base to rank candidates based purely on their ability to perform desired tasks.

Eliminate human biases to identify the strongest performers

Giving organizations the ability to filter candidates by capability encourages decision-making based solely upon their ability to complete the task at hand. This removes the subconscious bias inherent in the hiring cycle, allowing for more diverse security teams aligned closer to risk, as opposed to being influenced by personal choice.

Stress test crisis response

Hire better cyber candidates

Power Up Cyber Teams

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