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While talent is everywhere, opportunity is not. We’re flipping the paradigm by connecting skilled candidates with open roles, prioritizing capabilities over certifications.

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The Immersive Labs platform has helped me immensely to both retrain and fill in my knowledge gaps, practice new knowledge in a safe environment, and boost my confidence, which all helped landing my first job in cybersecurity.

Patryk, Immersive Labs User, UK

Immersive Labs helped me land my dream job as a certification support analyst. I went for it and look what it got me: it
got me a job.

Adam, Immersive Labs User, UK

Our Cyber Million program will help organizations discover hidden talent, increase diversity across the workforce, and build resilience against cyber attacks.

James Hadley, CEO & Founder, Immersive Labs

Real-World Exercising for Real-World Success

How One Individual Sparked a Lifelong Cybersecurity Passion with Immersive Labs

From the expertise gained through the Immersive Labs exercises, Patryk proved his potential and restarted his journey with cybersecurity, reconnecting with that original driving passion.

When Landing Your Dream Job in Cybersecurity Becomes a Reality

By honing his skills on the easy-to-use, easy-to-navigate Immersive Labs platform, Adam landed his dream job as a certification report specialist.

Creating Community Through Cybersecurity

By supplementing his existing cyber skill set with the Immersive Labs platform, Richard found his passion and an incredible professional position.

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