Track and take action on human capability
Teams and individuals play crucial roles in every part of securing your organization. From identifying risks to responding and recovering should the worst happen, Immersive Labs delivers invaluable exercises for vital human assets and crucial insights into their readiness.

Align expertize to risks and emerging threats

We align our interactive training content to industry-standard frameworks, including MITRE ATT&CK®, and to widely used programming languages like Java, Python and PHP. With this alignment, you can ensure your people are upskilling to meet the needs of today’s cybersecurity and keep your organization ahead of the curve.

Stress-test cyber crisis management and decision-making Running crisis exercises tests response and teamwork in the face of an evolving incident. Reporting on these exercises using Immersive Labs will highlight areas of strength and where cognitive agility can be improved.

Building agile, incident-ready humans

With hundreds of interactive experiences available, users can plot their own development journeys through the platform. Our Objectives tool exists to help managers guide their users and to offer support and insight into your organization’s overall risk posture.

Find star performers and rough diamonds

Get an instant and up-to-date snapshot of user and team performance and engagement. Use these metrics combined with leaderboards to reward and promote the development of vital cybersecurity expertize across all teams.