New ‘Resilience Score’ Leverages Extensive Benchmarking Data to Help Organizations Prove their People-Centric Threat Preparedness

Boston, US and Bristol, UK – May 3, 2023 Immersive Labs, the leader in people-centric cyber resilience, today announced the launch of the Immersive Labs Resilience Score. The score measures an organization’s workforce preparedness for cyber attacks and breaches based on Immersive Labs’ years of benchmarking data across industry verticals. The score will help organizations identify weaknesses in their teams’ cyber capabilities, address skills gaps to prevent or mitigate damage to their revenues and brand reputations, and contribute to the factors that can lower insurance premiums.

The Immersive Labs Resilience Score addresses a major challenge facing cyber leaders around the world today: a lack of confidence in, or awareness of, their teams’ real readiness to confront threats. Alarmingly, 80% of cyber leaders don’t think, or are unsure, their teams have the capabilities to respond to future attacks, according to a new study commissioned by Immersive Labs and conducted by Forrester Consulting.*

“There is a common misconception that teams’ cyber capabilities are not measurable, but advancements in cyber exercising give us new insights to predict risk and build vital cyber capabilities across the workforce,” said Paul Bentham, Chief Product Officer, Immersive Labs. “The new Immersive Labs Resilience Score demonstrates that resilience can be assessed, benchmarked, and increased based on performance data. This is a huge leap forward in proving cyber capabilities compared to outdated, legacy cybersecurity training.”

How the Immersive Labs Resilience Score Works

The Immersive Labs platform provides realistic simulations and hands-on cybersecurity labs to evaluate individual and team capabilities across the entire workforce, from executive decision makers to cyber defense, application security, IT, cloud teams and more. Now, when organizations use the platform to upskill their people, they will be able to view their overall resilience score against industry benchmarks and best practices, and see progress over time.

The Resilience Score is calculated based on several factors, including:

  • Executive and Crisis Management teams can effectively manage a complex crisis stemming from a cyber incident with consistent decision making and high levels of confidence
  • Cyber teams can work together to solve complex red-team and blue-team scenarios using real-world environments
  • Cyber teams are assigned to job roles and can prove their ability to carry out tasks in-line with new CVEs and capabilities
  • Developers are able to prove their ability to code securely and systematically reduce vulnerabilities in the SDLC
  • Cloud engineers are able to identify and fix common misconfigurations in real cloud environments
  • End users are confident in end user security outcomes including how to report an incident and spot business email compromise
  • The organization has proper security framework coverage, including MITRE ATT&CK
  • Teams and individuals are mapped to job skills and are proving their technical abilities and that their skills are being kept up to date

The Immersive Labs Resilience Score will be available to all customers beginning in late Q2 2023. To learn more about this new capability, please visit:

*Forrester Opportunity SnapShot: “Cyber Leaders Need a More Effective Approach to Building and Proving Resilience” – A custom study commissioned by Immersive Labs, March 2023

About Immersive Labs

Immersive Labs is the leader in people-centric cyber resilience. We help organizations continuously assess, build, and prove their cyber workforce resilience for teams across the entire organization, from front-line cybersecurity and development teams to Board-level executives. We provide realistic simulations and hands-on cybersecurity labs to evaluate individual and team capabilities and decision-making against the latest threats. Organizations can now prove their cyber resilience by measuring their readiness compared to industry benchmarks, building team capabilities, and demonstrating risk reduction and compliance with data-backed evidence. Immersive Labs is trusted by the world’s largest organizations and governments, including Citi, Pfizer, Humana, HSBC, the UK Ministry of Defence, and the NHS England. We are backed by Goldman Sachs Asset Management, Summit Partners, Insight Partners, Citi Ventures, Ten Eleven Ventures, and Menlo Ventures.

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May 3, 2023


Immersive Labs