After launching in early 2017, we’ve seen phenomenal growth here at Immersive Labs. We’ve quickly grown from one idea crafted in West London’s Cylon incubator, to four people building on that idea in our first Bristol office, and now to the team of almost 70 talented individuals who are all working hard to develop the business and products.

We’ve also recently taken Series A funding in order to propel our growth, and have opened four new offices in Europe and the US, signalling our entry into an entirely new phase of our journey. These two huge milestones are a sure sign of how far we’ve come as a company and how much room we have to grow – and to think all this has been achieved in just two years.

Over the years, we’ve seen the damage that gaps in training for security professionals can do and our aim is to change that. And as the cyber threat landscape continues to expand and evolve just as fast as we have as a business, more organisations will need to take a proactive approach towards tightening their security. That’s why we’re working to well and truly put the days of old-school, infrequent training behind us, and give businesses the tools they need to stay diligent and protected.

We are incredibly proud to already be working with some of the biggest banks, law firms and healthcare providers in the country, and joining TechNation’s Upscale programme will help us push this vision further to help more organisations upskill their security teams.

As with most fast-growth tech firms, realising these visions does not come without its challenges. However I have no doubt that we’ll take a huge amount away from the programme and learn a lot from the experiences of hugely successful entrepreneurs.

The Upscale programme, now in its fourth year, has given support to some of the most promising scaleups, like Skyscanner, Deliveroo, Transferwise, Darktrace, and Monzo, to name just a few, through its dedicated senior leadership workshops, access to scale coaches, as well as a thriving peer-to-peer support network of fellow UK tech scaleups and programme alumni.

As we continue to expand our team and enter into new markets across continents, we especially hope to learn some invaluable lessons from those who have managed to cut through and succeed. In turn, we hope that the success we gain from being a part of this community of ambitious scaleups will allow us to nurture the following generation of tech talent.

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January 30, 2019


Immersive Labs