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Top 10 AWS Attacker Techniques 2023

Why Does My Msfvenom-Generated Shellcode Fail at Fnstenv?

Application Security

State of Malware 2023

Hands-On Labs

Organizational Exercises: Stress Test Crisis Decision-Making

Technical Exercises Data Sheet

Shift Left Done Right

8 Tips for Becoming an AppSec Guru

Immersive Labs Cyber Workforce Resilience Data Sheet

Closing the cybersecurity talent gap

Webinar: Supply Chain Pain – Crisis Simulation

Infographic: Cyber Resilience Snapshot

Hertzbleed: The new CPU vulnerability in a nutshell

Patch Newsday April – Pre-Easter Patches

International Women’s Day: break the bias

Cyber Workforce Benchmark 2022

Measuring global human cyber capabilities: Report

Free and open defensive cyber labs

Everyone needs cloud security: here’s why

Three Steps to Ultimate Cyber Resilience

Webinar: Log4Shell Demystified with Immersive Labs

Patch Newsday: Christmas Chaos or Silent Night?

Episode 47: Drone Strikes & Cyber Heists

Patch Newsday: Wild CVEs & CISA Directives

Episode 46: New Threats On The Block?

Episode 45: Tales from the Crypto

The Ultimate OWASP Top 10 Cheat Sheet

Analyzing the CVE-2021-40444 exploit

Episode 44: Rotten Apple or Privacy Nuts?

Episode 43: Pegasus Project: Winged Horses for Spyware Courses

Disclosure Dilemmas: Vulnerable Stalkerware

Patch Newsday – 13 July 2021

Stalkerware 101: Everything you need to know

Episode 42: Hey Ya Kaseya: MSPs as unwitting attackers

Episode 41: Revenge of the Printers

Episode 40: Slack, Track and…Hack?

Episode 39: The Crime That Pays: Ransomware Special

Episode 38: Ransom Laundering: Can We Ban Crypto?

Patch Newsday – 8 June 2021

Episode 37: Imperfect People, Vulnerable Applications

Episode 36: Hack Pipe: The Rise of DarkSide

Patch Newsday: May 11, 2021

Webinar: Threat Hunting with Sigma Rules

Wagtail XSS + LocalStorage = Account Hijack

Neurodiversity is my superpower!

Patch Newsday: April 13, 2021

SaltStack: further injection vulnerabilities

The View from the CISO’s Chair

Hands-on with Hafnium: Proxylogon evolves

Episode 35: Exchange Hack: We don’t need no attribution

Episode 34: So you want to hack a car…

Introducing your vehicle’s nervous system, CANBus

One-day exploit party with SaltStack

Episode 33: Parler’s proper privacy palaver

Patch Newsday: February 9, 2021

Webinar: Too Close to the Sun(burst) – A Supply Chain Compromise

The Time to Make History is Now

Episode 31: Sunburst: Too Cozy To Bear

Episode 30: Cold Chain Hype Train

NCA & Immersive Labs: Keep Young Hackers on Track Through Summer

Episode 29: A Cyber State of Mind

Episode 28: So you want to hack an election…

Episode 27: Incubating Security: Cyber’s Thriving Startup Scene

What is AppSec, and why do you need it?

Episode 26: Track & Trace: Spreadsheet Happens

Episode 25: How tutu dance into cyber

Episode 24: Next stop: HackTown

Research: Can you build spyware for a Fitbit?

Episode 23: Watch Your Wrist: The Fitbit Spyware Special

Episode 22: Rotten to the Core

Episode 21: When Sysadmins Attack: The Snowden Edition

Staying cyber-safe in a remote working world

Episode 20: Bugging Out Over Bounties

Guest Blog: The Stress and Joy of Security Jobs

Episode 19: Virus Vaccines and Secret Squirrels

Staffing and Training a Cyber Incident Response Team

A sign we’re on the right Track

Episode 18: Who Watches The Watchmen?

InfoSec MythBusters: quelling common misconceptions

Cyber crisis: Respond as a whole

How to build a mindset of cyber crisis preparedness

Episode 17: WastedDollar: The Garmin Edition

Episode 16: Child’s Play: The Kids That Took Twitter

Osterman Research Part 3: Learn and Adapt

Episode 15: Born to Ransom

Episode 14: Hack My Tweets Up

Episode 13: On Your Huawei

Episode 12: Gimme F5

Exploiting F5 BIG-IP: Deconstructing This Simple But Deadly RCE

Hacking in Hollywood: our experts review

Episode 11: The Right to Remain Hacked

Episode 10: Telling Tails

From Mitigation To Exploitation

Powering Cyber Skills with KPMG

The Evolution of Ransomware

Episode 9: Socially Spying

Cyber Crisis Simulator: You’re in control

Episode 8: Snakes in the machine

Episode 7: Better NSA No More

Cyber Crisis Simulator: 3 minute demo

Falanx Cyber: Cybersecurity firm reduces consultant training time

Episode 6: Hype or Hacked

Episode 5: All the President’s Data

Episode 4: The Gods of Malware

Episode 3: Masters of the Cyberverse

Episode 2: Lock down, Zoom on

Episode 1: Travelex: A Post Mortem

Threat monitoring with AttackerKB

BT: Security service provider cuts training costs

CVE-2020-10560 – OSSN Arbitrary File Read

Covid-19 Phishing Emails: How to Spot Them

Defining NICE work roles: Cyber Crime Investigator

China vs Equifax: A timeline of alleged cyber espionage

Mapping and measuring skills aligned to MITRE ATT&CK

RSA Conference 2020

Travelex vs Sodinokibi: A cyber crisis timeline

Reflecting on… Immersive Focus

Immersive Labs: The best of 2019

Black Hat EU 2019: Achievement Unlocked

BBC News: Immersive Labs raises $40m in Series B funding

Immersive Labs celebrates its 100th employee!

Hiscox’s ‘Crack the Cube’ powered by Immersive Labs

The countdown to Black Hat has begun

Meet us @CYBERUK 2019

RSA 2019 – Highlights

Exploiting SS7 to intercept text messages

Meet us at Cloud & Cyber Security Expo 2019

We’re joining TechNation’s 30 Upscale 4.0 programme!

APT10 – Quasar RAT analysis

The rise of financial fraud

Death of the classroom