Swisscom Aligns Team Skills to Today’s Cyber Threats with Immersive Labs


Headquartered in Ittigen, Swisscom is one of Switzerland’s best-known, and most valuable brands. The organization independently ranks among the top-ten alongside major international brands year after year. Swisscom offers an extensive telecommunications portfolio for residential customers and IT services for business customers in both Switzerland and Italy.


Due to the ongoing global shortage of cybersecurity workers, Swisscom needed to continuously upgrade the skill levels of their newest recruits.

Swisscom’s needs, however, were not exclusive to the cyber professionals team. “In terms of security awareness, we needed to bring a better understanding to our whole workforce,” explained Beyer. Swisscom was looking for an efficient, engaging, and attractive approach—their users were asking for a best-of-breed learning solution.


While the developer and security teams are both a critical focus, Immersive Labs is available to the entire Swisscom workforce to foster a culture of security throughout the organization, including Cyber Crisis Simulator exercises for both technical and non- technical teams.


While other tools implemented by Swisscom have not been universally adopted, users flocked to the Immersive Labs platform, vying to gain a spot on the leaderboard. Ultimately, the competitive nature of the platform inspires employees to further their upskilling across the organization, earning points and badges as they progress. Across all learning platforms Swisscom offers, Immersive Labs continues to be the number one internal e-learning tool company-wide.


July 26, 2023


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