Software vulnerability exploitations are among the leading causes of organizational breaches. These cyber attacks often result in catastrophic reputational and financial damages, making the practice of developing, testing, deploying, and maintaining secure applications more critical than ever before.

Unfortunately, traditional cybersecurity training methods for development teams and their supporting cohorts have failed, highlighting the need for a more effective approach to upskilling teams based on the science of human behavior. Immersive Labs offers a groundbreaking approach to assessing, building, and proving cyber capabilities, and is cornerstone to all of our people-centric security solutions.

This eBook explores:

  • The importance of driving a culture of cybersecurity from very beginning of the software development lifecycle
  • How traditional training methods and solutions miss the mark at achieving this goal
  • How Immersive Labs’ AppSec solution measures and builds individual and team security capabilities, reinforcing an enduring shift towards a security-first mindset

November 22, 2022