Forrester Report: Rethink Your Reliance on Cybersecurity Certifications

There’s no shortage of cybersecurity training or certifications for security professionals.

Despite this availability, many programs prioritize session completion over outcomes and fail to provide the necessary data to prove readiness for real-world threats.

This outmoded–and often expensive–approach to cybersecurity training doesn’t translate to knowledge, confidence, or consistent responses to security incidents.

This reality is reflected in recent Forrester research, underlining the negative perceptions held by senior security professionals surrounding certifications.

Findings include:

  • Certification training, acquisition, and maintenance costs are seen as problematic.
  • Certification value decreases as hands-on experience and specialization increases.
  • Required certifications are often misaligned with job levels and compensation.
  • Hard requirements for certifications turn away large segments of the talent pool.

To learn more about why you should reconsider your reliance on cybersecurity certifications, download the report now.


November 18, 2022