In this week’s episode, we revisit the thin blue line, this time with a focus on a Wikileaks-style data dump called ‘Blue Leaks’. 270GB of police data – 24 years’ worth from over 200 departments – was leaked in what has been dubbed ‘a more transparent alternative to Wikileaks’. Could it be a catalyst for change or a danger to life? 

We also spin the Random Ransom Generator and try to wrap our heads around Maze’s recent official announcement that they’re disappointed to see companies trying to decrypt their files themselves. Yup, you read that one right. 

And what’s going on Down Under? The Australian government grapples with a sophisticated state-based actor. We take a look at their advisory to see what we can find out. 

Blue Leaks

Maze Ransomware announcement

Australian Advisory includes MITRE T-numbers

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July 22, 2020