So it turns out that 81% of developers have knowingly released vulnerable applications into the wild.

Worrying, right?

And that’s the topic of conversation on today’s episode: how do imperfect people lead to vulnerable applications and, most importantly, what we can do about it.

Chris is joined by OWASP experts, Andrew van der Stock and Brian Glas, as well as our own in-house AppSec whisperer, Sean Wright, to discuss all things application security.

The podcast taking cybersecurity personally

There’s a lot of cool techy stuff going down in cybersecurity, and we love it. But you can’t deny that a lot the time we humans get forgotten. Our podcast takes a not-so-serious look at issues in security from a human point of view. Covering social engineering to hacker motivations and everything in between, we chat through security stories and themes and what they mean to us: the oft-neglected humans behind the screen. Apart from Kev, Kev is a cyborg.

These weekly podcasts come in two main flavors. We’re either ranting about themes close to the heart of us security types, or we’re discussing threats and vulnerabilities that have hit headlines – or slipped under the radar – in recent weeks.

Join Chris Pace (tech advocate and keeper of the coloring pencils), Kev Breen (pro blue teamer, also known as ‘Mr Nothing to CVE here…’), Max Vetter (former dark web detective and pretty cool guy), and Paul Bentham (ex-gov. type and Immersive Labs product guru) as they wend their way through the murky world of Cyber Humanity.

Cyber Humanity Podcast

June 8, 2021