Like any new technology, generative AI is creating a lot of hype. While it will certainly transform industries, roles, and careers, not everything we’re hearing in the headlines will likely play out – for better and for worse. In cybersecurity, both attackers and defenders will have access to these new tools that will maximize their potential. The questions leaders should be asking today are: what are the real benefits and risks of generative AI, and how should my organization engage with these powerful new tools?

Watch this on-demand recording as Immersive Labs experts tackle these pressing questions. You will:

  • Better understand the current AI threat landscape
  • Learn effective approaches to mitigating new risks
  • Gain helpful insights about how to leverage the technology defensively to strengthen cybersecurity posture against attacks


Max Vetter,

VP of Content, Immersive Labs

Dan Potter,

Senior Director of Organizational Resilience, Immersive Labs

Kev Breen,

Senior Director of Threat Research, Immersive Labs


September 14, 2023