Cybersecurity is a business challenge with people at the core. Yet, too many organizations approach it as a technology problem to be solved with disparate – and often costly – solutions that don’t get them any closer to measuring the workforce’s actual readiness for the next cyberattack. With 82% of data breaches involving the human element, and 78% of cybersecurity professionals citing an increase in C-level pressure on them to prove their cyber capabilities, it’s time for a more effective approach for giving teams and individuals the skills, knowledge, and judgment they need to respond effectively to threats – and prove it to senior leaders. It’s time for organizations to urgently adopt Cyber Workforce Resilience: the ability to adapt, respond, and recover from cybersecurity incidents, not merely the ability to detect and prevent them.

Hear from Robert Boyce, Global Cyber Resilience Lead, Accenture Security, and Stuart Laidlaw, Vice President, Customer Success, Immersive Labs as they cover:

  • How the cybersecurity industry is shifting from fulfilling compliance mandates towards organizational resilience
  • Practices for how organizations can best manage their people, process, and technology
  • How cybersecurity leaders can prove their organization’s cyber workforce resilience to the C-Suite and Board

Plus, see how Accenture and Immersive Labs are teaming up to help enterprises prepare for new and emerging threats, execute with confidence, and prove cyber capabilities across the workforce with a new people-centric approach to cybersecurity powered by Immersive Labs’ real-life cyber simulations and labs.

Watch now to learn a tested methodology for overcoming the growing pressures of today’s digital world and the challenges of the evolving threat landscape.


Robert Boyce

Global Cyber Resilience Lead, Accenture Security

Stuart Laidlaw

Vice President, Customer Success, Immersive Labs

Aaron Cohen, AVP

Global Strategic Alliances, Immersive Labs


April 7, 2023