Far too many organizations throw money at cybersecurity software and expect an individual or a small team of security professionals alone to protect the company, its people and assets from cyber-attacks. Moreover, cybersecurity software fails to adequately measure an organization’s true readiness for an attack. When the CEO or Board asks if the company is prepared for a threat, a manager’s response is typically based on opinion rather than on hard data.

This short-sighted and siloed approach is inadequate, failing time and again to protect revenues and brand reputations, because it doesn’t take into account one of an organization’s most vital defenses against evolving cyber threats – its people, across the entire organization.

This panel session discusses:

  • Why resilience matters more than ever
  • What role people, processes and technology play in cyber resilience
  • How you can build and measure workforce resilience


Paul Bentham

Chief Product Officer
Immersive Labs

Dan Potter

Director, Operational Resilience
Immersive Labs

Kieron Newsham

Security Solutions Architect


October 27, 2022