The fallout from cybercrime directly impedes on an organisation’s ability to function. With the cybersecurity landscape changing faster than ever, companies have become more vulnerable to emerging threats and CISOs are playing a bigger role in organisational operations and investments. Not only are cyberattacks a risk to an organisation’s data and operations but also their reputation with customers, investors, and business partners.

Leadership that embraces a culture of cyber resilience is doing so in the face of many challenges, from shortages in labour to a workforce that may lack the skills needed to keep pace with ever-evolving attacks.

Effective cybersecurity depends on teams working together cohesively to stop attacks. The only way to know for sure if they have the capabilities and confidence to succeed is to exercise them in advance of a real threat to identify skills gaps and fill them before it’s too late.

Watch this on-demand webinar, where cybersecurity experts and IT leaders give real life examples of emerging threats and thoughts on how to prepare for tomorrow’s cyber attacks.

Important topics included are:

  • The role of the CISO
  • Communicating cyber risks across the business
  • Building a lasting cyber security team
  • Measuring and proving resilience


Timothy Held,


Valerie Abend,

Global Cyber Strategy Lead, Accenture

Marc Varner,

CVP & Global CISO, Lowe’s

Paul Bentham,

Chief Product Officer, Immersive Labs