Listen in as a panel of experts as they provide key insights and steps to take in securing supply chain networks.

High-profile breaches continue to highlight the multiple risks to organizations from their supply chain. With increasingly interconnected third-party networks leading to even greater risk exposure, it is not surprising that supply chain security is a top priority for both regulators and organizations. It is undoubtedly time to evolve our approach to securing the supply chain and move beyond tick-box assessments to benchmarking evidence of capability, but how?

Attendees can learn:

  • The latest threats targeting supply chain networks, and lessons learned from those incidents
  • Effective protocols and strategies for identifying security vulnerabilities in third-party vendors
  • Proactive measures for your organization to take in order to bolster your incident response plan


Gregg Ogden,

Principal Product Marketing Manager, Immersive Labs

Bill Brenner,

VP – Content Strategy, CyberRisk Alliance

Dave Lewis,

CISO, Founder, Liquidmatrix


March 14, 2024