You can’t always anticipate a data breach. What do you do when the unexpected happens at a high-security organization? What if national secrets are now in the hands of your adversaries? This is where Immersive Labs’ latest crisis simulator scenario begins. Attendees attempt to respond to a sophisticated cyberattack, possibly led by a nation state, that has potentially compromised one of their cyber weapons, along with other national secrets.

Inspired by the SUNBURST, this interactive exercise focuses on the potential political, diplomatic, reputational and security impacts to a government agency, forcing attendees to navigate the loss of national secrets of strategic security importance.


  • See the business-wide impact of communication, effective leadership and stress management in incident management and response
  • Gain insights into how to achieve more efficient recovery and post-incident performance in the instance of a real crisis
  • Experience SUNBURST via our technical labs

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March 29, 2021