The recent DarkSide cyberattack on Colonial Pipeline truly brought to light the risk ransomware can pose to a national industrial infrastructure. High-profile attacks like this have become increasingly common and can not only cost an organization dearly in corporate reputation, regulatory scrutiny, and financial loss, but can also impact the well-being of an entire nation. 

Do you have the tools, skills, and staffing needed to prevent such an attack?  Do you know what steps you must take in the event of a compromise?

This interactive crisis simulation webinar offers a unique opportunity to see, first-hand, the impact of a major cyber breach. Attendees were thrown into an emerging ransomware attack simulation taking place at a fictional fuel distribution company. In this scenario, they used their decision making, situational awareness and communications skills, as well as best practice incident response strategies and tactics, to get the situation under control.

  • See the impact of the human element in crisis management and response
  • Gain a greater understanding of how decisions in a threat scenario have both business-wide and national consequences
  • Experience DarkSide ransomware via one of our technical labs
  • And more




June 15, 2021