An attacker’s first-move advantage clearly comes down to their rapid innovations, meaning security teams always have to operate reactively. Like forest fires, cyber-attacks are devastating and unpredictable; and like firemen, defenders can only race to the scene. But by the time they arrive, the damage is usually done.

So what if you could flip the script? What if the defenders were empowered to innovate as rapidly as the attackers to stay ahead of the threat?

In this webinar, Max Vetter, Chief Cyber Officer at Immersive Labs, explores this topic and number of others, including:

  • How human readiness can be mapped to the risks that organizations face
  • The advantages of skills content that incorporates real threat intelligence, real tools and real techniques
  • The importance of a “security-first” approach to upskilling teams across many roles, including IT, DevOps, project management

View this webinar today and discover strategies to stay one step ahead of the threats!



June 16, 2020