As IT and Security professionals, when we hear “incident response”, we largely tend to think about the technical actions that need to be taken to mitigate an attack in progress and remediate any damage done.

But so much of a response depends on your CISO and the rest of the executive team understanding the problem in order to approve the drastic steps you may want to take to fix it all. In many ways, the way you communicate the problem, the options, and the expected outcomes may more determine whether the response is successful.

So, how do you improve your communications during such a critical event when you need to make split-second decisions that are the difference between incident resolution and tens of thousands of dollars in remediation costs? In this webinar, we discuss this topic and walk you through an interactive LockBit attack response simulation scenario where attendee’s communication and decision-making skills are tested.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn more about:

  • Why IT and the C-Suite speak different languages?
  • Avoiding “Chicken Little” syndrome during an attack
  • Putting incident response into business terms
  • Performing a log analysis of actions taking advantage of Print Nightmare
  • How to identify who is attacking the company by running LockBit in a virtual environment
  • And more

September 7, 2021