Attacks like SUNBURST (the compromise of Solarwinds Orion Network Management software) have shown that even the most secured and well-patched environments are at risk from cyber threats. When an incident like this occurs, how you respond isn’t just about your technical abilities, but also how you make decisions in the heat of a potential crisis.

This interactive crisis sim webinar is inspired by the real-life events of SUNBURST. In this scenario, attendees focus on making decisions that balance the risks to their organization based on available facts. Using Immersive Labs’ Cyber Crisis Simulator and technical labs, this interactive experience puts attendees in the position to investigate how the compromising of software in their supply chain impacts the security of their business and what actions (if any) need to be taken.


  • See the impact of the human element in incident management and response 
  • Gain a greater understanding of how decisions in a major cyberattack have a business-wide impact
  • Experience SUNBURST via our technical labs


  • Chris Pace; Technology Advocate, Immersive Labs
  • Kev Breen; Director of Cyber Threat Research, Immersive Labs

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February 8, 2021