There’s no shortage of cybersecurity training and certifications for security professionals, yet programs available today are focused on session completion, not outcomes. This outmoded approach to training doesn’t translate to measurable improvements in cybersecurity knowledge, skills, and judgement that lead to long-term resilience.

Perennial staffing shortages and high turnover compound this problem, affecting the skills composition of security teams and making it much more difficult for leaders to build teams that can adapt to the evolving threat landscape.

This session, which features insights from Forrester Analyst, Jess Burn, and CSO & CIO at Relativity, Amanda Fennell, discusses ways leaders can and should shift focus from training individuals to a more holistic approach to people-centric cybersecurity.


Jess Burn

Sr. Analyst, Forrester

Amanda Fennell

CSO & CIO, Relativity

James Hadley

CEO, Immersive Labs