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Responding to security threats requires a team effort from techs to execs. We engage teams from across your organization to enhance their crisis decision-making and technical response skills to adaptably and effectively respond to cyber risk.

  • Upskilling and exercising teams from techs to execs – executive teams, crisis management teams, defensive cyber teams, SOC teams 
  • Cutting-edge hyper-realistic environments to facilitate comprehensive technical drills
  • Immersive decision-making scenarios that bring risks to life
  • Measure performance across teams to identify organizational strengths and gaps
  • Run exercises using dedicated teams or combine into a unified solution from technical teams to executive leadership

Reduce Cyber Risk

By investing in team exercising, organizations can enhance the skills and preparedness of both their technical and leadership teams – effectively reducing their exposure to cyber risks and vulnerabilities.

Build Response Capability

Exercising plays a crucial role in building a robust incident response capability. By using simulations with real-world scenarios, organizations can prepare their teams to effectively respond to cyber incidents at all levels of the organization. This helps improve coordination, communication, and decision-making during high-pressure situations

All Organizational Levels

Immersive Labs offers the flexibility to deliver team-based exercises to multiple organizational groups. This includes security operations, incident response, crisis management, executives, and the board. By involving all levels of the organization, teams are better equipped to handle any cyber threat.

Build People-Centric Cyber Resilience

Immersive Labs places a strong emphasis on both individuals and teams. Organizations can build people-centric cyber resilience by fostering collaboration that focuses on critical decision-making skills during a real cyber crisis. This approach ensures that individuals are technically skilled and capable of working together effectively to mitigate and respond to cyber threats.

Frequently Asked Questions

What other teams would benefit from this approach?2023-09-20T20:52:21+00:00

Team exercises encourage collaboration on multiple levels, including:

  • Executive Crisis Management Teams (CMT)
  • Business and Functional Level CMT Teams
  • SOC Teams
  • Incident Response Teams
Are combined exercises measured for individuals and teams?2023-09-20T20:53:01+00:00

Yes. Our reports include scoring options by individuals and teams during all exercises. This gives organizations a more complete view of their readiness and enables targeted continuous improvement opportunities.

Do crisis scenarios include an outline for review?2023-09-20T20:53:42+00:00

All exercises include a sample scenario outline that illustrates the flow of a cyber crisis exercise, including containment actions, engaging with attackers, external communication, unintended consequences, recovery, and restoration.

What are typically suggested next steps for technical teams?2023-09-20T20:54:21+00:00

All security team participants are assessed using the MITRE ATT&CK(R) framework coverage against specific threat actor techniques – individuals can improve their skills through the assignment of relevant Hands-On Labs.

What is the goal for combining exercises that include technical teams with business leaders?2023-09-20T20:55:08+00:00

The ultimate goal is to stress-test end-to-end response capabilities, identify gaps in coverage, gain confidence, and build collaboration between critical groups within the organization.

Blog: The Power of Benchmarking: Enhancing Crisis Response

In a recent initiative, Immersive Labs asked customers to participate in exercises using our Team Sim solution. Users played the role of a SOC analyst, utilizing defensive techniques like incident response and threat hunting to assess their technical team skills in a pre-configured cyber range.

Blog: Getting More Out of Cyber Exercising, from Techs to Execs

Continuous assessment and improvement are crucial to ensure a skilled and proficient cyber defense team. Cyber range exercises and custom cyber ranges are vital in enhancing cybersecurity readiness, elevating team performance, and mitigating risks.