We are the Leader in People-Centric Cyber Resilience

All the latest tools and technology are not enough to ensure resilience; people and teams must have the right capabilities and make the right decisions when it counts. We are pioneering an entirely new approach to people-centric cybersecurity that enables organizations to assess, benchmark, build, and prove their ability to effectively respond to the latest cyber threats. We call this Cyber Workforce Resilience.

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Our Unique Perspective

True resilience requires people and teams to learn continuously and work together seamlessly. At the same time, current approaches to people-centric cybersecurity aren’t up to the task. Trusted by world’s largest organizations and governments, our approach improves the cybersecurity capabilities of the entire workforce facilitating a fundamental shift in how organizations prove team performance and reduce risk.

Immersive Labs Cyber Workforce Resilience Methodology


Unlike legacy, check-box training and paper certifications, we provide…

Immersive Realism

Hands-On, Active Learning. Live sandbox environments ensure learning covers both theory and practical skills.

Gamification. Interactive challenges provide an engaging learning experience.

Proof of Capability

Evidence-Based. Granular performance data helps organizations understand, baseline, benchmark, and prove their cyber capabilities.

Cyber Resilience Score. Understand, build, and prove your organizational cyber resilience in a single score.

Coverage From Techs to Execs

Broad Coverage. Cybersecurity exercises tailored to highly-technical, executive, and extended workforce audiences.

Personalized Learning Paths. Targeted, individualized training ensures each user received relevant training based on their knowledge gaps.