We are the Leader in People-Centric Cyber Resilience

All the latest tools and technology are not enough to ensure resilience; people and teams must have the right capabilities and make the right decisions when it counts. We are pioneering an entirely new approach to people-centric cybersecurity that enables organizations to assess, benchmark, build, and prove their ability to effectively respond to the latest cyber threats. We call this Cyber Workforce Resilience.

Our Unique Perspective

True resilience requires people and teams to learn continuously and work together seamlessly. At the same time, current approaches to people-centric cybersecurity aren’t up to the task. Trusted by world’s largest organizations and governments, our approach improves the cybersecurity capabilities of the entire workforce facilitating a fundamental shift in how organizations prove team performance and reduce risk.

Immersive Labs Cyber Workforce Resilience Methodology


Unlike legacy, check-box training and paper certifications, we provide…

Immersive Realism

Hands-On, Active Learning. Live sandbox environments ensure learning covers both theory and practical skills.

Gamification. Interactive challenges provide an engaging learning experience.

Proof of Capability

Evidence-Based. Granular performance data helps organizations understand, baseline, benchmark, and prove their cyber capabilities.

Cyber Resilience Score. Understand, build, and prove your organizational cyber resilience in a single score.

Coverage From Techs to Execs

Broad Coverage. Cybersecurity exercises tailored to highly-technical, executive, and extended workforce audiences.

Personalized Learning Paths. Targeted, individualized training ensures each user received relevant training based on their knowledge gaps.