Prioritizing physical security alongside cybersecurity measures is non-negotiable in the contemporary threat landscape.

Physical security is the bedrock of protecting tangible assets and human safety. According to IoT analytics, the number of Internet of Things (IoT) devices has dramatically increased in recent years, with connections growing by 16%. Physical and cybersecurity have become more intertwined than ever.

It’s everyone’s job to manage physical security – neglecting this facet creates a chink in the armor, offering entry points for malicious actors to exploit. And you don’t want a data breach on your hands.

Your workforce needs to be on top of its game. To improve the behavior and understanding of the general workforce, senior leaders need to implement a culture of organizational resilience.

Cultivate a security-first culture

Fortifying physical security doesn’t just lie with tech. It’s equally about the people. Your organization needs to create a culture of vigilance and awareness among employees.

Whether that’s the designers, the accountants, the engineers, or receptionists, educating and empowering employees to recognize, report, and mitigate physical security risks is pivotal.

Every employee contributes significantly to the organization’s security posture, from maintaining clear desks to exercising caution with sensitive information and restricting unauthorized access.

Empower your employees by upskilling

With cybercriminals constantly updating their attack methods, your employees should also continually improve their cybersecurity knowledge. This training should help them gain confidence in identifying physical security threats and model behaviors they should exhibit to help keep your organization safe.

Traditional learning methods might include a yearly tick box exercise. However, employees will respond better to targeted, timely, and relevant training. Immersive Labs’ comprehensive suite of resources includes labs and exercises that provide a well-rounded, dynamic employee experience. It allows you to identify weak areas and assign interventions to strengthen knowledge.

Our newly released Physical Security lab collection bolsters employees’ understanding of physical security risks and provides them with a complete understanding of appropriate mitigation strategies.

Improve muscle memory by exercising

Our Workforce Exercises require users to make decisions, allowing them to practice this skill in a safe environment and develop their muscle memory. This is invaluable in the case of physical security, as decisions must be made quickly to prevent escalation.

For example, tailgaters need only a small opportunity to enter your office. Employees armed with quick decision-making skills are an asset to your organization.

Immersive’s Workforce Exercising program leverages behavioral science techniques to cultivate proactive security mindsets, enabling organizations to evolve into resilient fortresses against evolving threats.

Case study: Verkada

In 2021, the CCTV camera startup Verkada had 150,000 of its devices hacked. The attack used internet-connected security cameras as an entry point into Verkada’s customers’ systems. The attackers managed to get live video footage from within these organizations’ facilities, including jails, hospitals, and schools. They could see entry points, layouts, and life patterns – a huge physical security risk!

Preparing your workforce with knowledge and skills, strengthening their decision-making, and improving their confidence will improve your organization’s security posture – decreasing your risk of facing a situation like Verkada.

The importance of your organization’s security culture

Cultivating a security-first culture, equipping your workforce with the requisite knowledge and skills, and improving muscle memory by exercising these skills are vital in strengthening your organization’s physical security posture.

To learn more about how Immersive Labs helps organizations gain confidence in workforce cyber capabilities, visit our Resource Center.

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February 13, 2024


Charlotte Ball