In today’s complex threat landscape, organizations face the daunting challenge of ensuring their workforce is prepared to confront and mitigate potential attacks. Despite this need, many businesses lack adequate data to prove actual resilience.

To address this critical need, Immersive Labs developed the Immersive Labs Resilience Score. Leveraging extensive benchmarking data across industry verticals, this groundbreaking score provides organizations with insights into their teams’ preparedness for cyber attacks and breaches.

By identifying weaknesses and helping to quantify skills gaps, the Resilience Score empowers organizations to protect their revenues, brand reputations, and even lower insurance premiums.

A lack of confidence in cyber team readiness

One of the key issues faced by cyber leaders worldwide is a lack of confidence or awareness regarding their teams’ true readiness to handle threats.

An alarming study commissioned by Immersive Labs and conducted by Forrester Consulting revealed that 80% of cyber leaders are uncertain if their teams possess the capabilities required to respond to future attacks.

Recognizing the urgency to bridge this gap, the Immersive Labs Resilience Score introduces a new approach that provides measurable insights into teams’ cyber capabilities, revolutionizing traditional cybersecurity training methods.

Measuring resilience and building vital capabilities

The Immersive Labs Resilience Score harnesses the power of the Immersive Labs platform, which offers realistic simulations and hands-on cybersecurity labs to evaluate individual and team capabilities across the entire workforce.

By utilizing this platform to enhance their teams’ skills, organizations can now view their overall resilience score in comparison to industry benchmarks and best practices, enabling them to track progress over time.

Key factors in calculating the resilience score

The Resilience Score takes into account several critical factors to assess an organization’s preparedness:

  1. Strengthen Executive Decision Making in Cyber Crises: Ensure that key decision-makers are frequently exercised to enhance their decision-making abilities in real-life crisis situations.
  2. Measure and Strengthen Workforce Cyber Hygiene: Minimize your organization’s vulnerability to attacks by consistently exercising and upskilling your workforce.
  3. Assess Security Team Capability in Realistic Scenarios: Test the effectiveness of your upskilled technical teams in realistic, team-based scenarios.
  4. Expand Cyber Framework Coverage: Measure the depth and breadth of your team’s coverage across the MITRE ATT&CK framework.
  5. Measure and Improve Secure Coding Practices: Validate your developers’ ability to write secure code by ensuring their awareness of secure coding basics.
  6. Ensure your Security Teams Can Respond to the Latest Threats: Maintain up-to-date cyber defense skills by understanding the latest threats and continually upskilling.
  7. Encourage Technical Managers to Drive Upskilling: In a well-protected organization, managers should guide their teams to upskill in relevant areas.
  8. Ensure Cloud Engineers Follow Secure Practices: Assess your cloud engineers’ skills and capabilities to secure your cloud infrastructure.
  9. Verify the Skills of New Talent: Screen cyber candidates during the interview process to verify their claimed skills.

The Immersive Labs Resilience Score introduces a groundbreaking approach to cyber resilience by leveraging extensive benchmarking data and providing organizations with tangible insights into their teams’ preparedness.

By identifying and addressing skills gaps, organizations can strengthen their cyber capabilities, prevent or mitigate damages, and confidently navigate the evolving threat landscape.

As cyber leaders embrace this new paradigm, the Resilience Score empowers organizations to prove their people-centric threat preparedness, safeguard their reputation, and drive a culture of continuous improvement in cybersecurity.

To learn more about using the Resilience Score to benchmark readiness at your organization, click here.

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July 5, 2023


Russell Miller

VP, Product Marketing