A skilled and proficient technical cyber defense team is a must for organizations today – but how do you know they’re actually up to the task?

To achieve this, it’s crucial to continuously assess and improve their performance. That’s where cyber range exercises and custom cyber ranges come into play. In this blog, I explore how these powerful tools can enhance cybersecurity readiness, elevate team performance, and effectively mitigate risks.

Cyber range exercising: proving the effectiveness of red and blue teams

Cyber range exercising is an indispensable solution for organizations assessing the effectiveness of their red and blue teams in tackling complex technical scenarios – all within a safe pre-configured cyber range. By immersing teams in realistic tasks, these exercises can measure their performance and provide invaluable insights for improvement. Whether your team comprises beginners or seasoned SOC experts, tailored exercises ensure continuous growth and keep you ahead of evolving threats.

Custom cyber ranges: unmatched realism and sophistication

Cyber ranges should be the backbone of any cybersecurity training, simulation, and development program. They provide virtual environments where teams can practice and enhance their skills.

But why settle for just templated cyber ranges when you can have custom ones? Custom cyber ranges take training to the next level by offering higher complexity and realism. Even experienced SOC teams seeking to expand their cyber capabilities can benefit from these ranges. With the option to start from a range template or build a custom environment from scratch, teams can focus on training without the hassle of maintenance.

Continuous improvement in realistic environments

Cyber range exercises empower organizations to continuously prove their cyber capabilities. Advanced solutions empower customers by enabling the customization of scenarios or creating entirely new ones to match emerging threats. Reporting and benchmarking data should give organizations a deeper understanding of their team’s performance and track improvements over time. This enables targeted training and ensures that teams are well-prepared to respond effectively to emerging threats.

Cyber range exercises: unbeatable value proposition

Cyber range exercising stands out as a comprehensive cyber training tool with several unique advantages. Mature providers, like Immersive Labs, employ content teams to constantly expand their scenario catalogs, ensuring unmatched breadth and depth of content. Combined with other class-leading cyber resilience tools, cyber range exercising delivers an unbeatable value proposition, providing a holistic cybersecurity training and resilience platform. Moreover, leading solutions provide the scalability to effectively exercise global teams, making it an ideal choice for large, globally distributed organizations.

Benefits tailored to specific roles

The benefits of cyber range exercising can also be tailored to specific organizational roles. Whether the CISO, VP of Cyber Ops, Head of Cyber Resilience, SOC Lead, Audit Lead, SOC Manager, Red Team Manager, SOC Analyst, or Pentesters, they can address their unique needs. From comprehensive coverage and enhanced capabilities to risk reduction, improved performance, and the ability to demonstrate capability in labs, exercising offers a solution that aligns with the objectives of these different roles.

Achieve cyber resilience

Team Sim cyber range exercising and Cyber Ranges from Immersive Labs are indispensable tools for building organizational cyber resilience. Organizations can continuously improve their team’s performance and readiness by harnessing the power of their realistic scenarios, benchmarking capabilities, and customization options.

To learn more about how these tools can help your organization achieve lasting resilience, visit the Immersive Labs Resources Center.

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September 6, 2023


Gregg Ogden

Chris Myers