Wondering how to support the NIS2 Directive? Learn how Immersive Labs helps equip organizations to meet NIS2 compliance

NIS2 is a game-changing EU directive that brings organizational cybersecurity to the forefront with the power to fine, suspend, and transform how critical organizations protect against digital threats.

The NIS2 Directive is a European Union (EU) directive to strengthen cybersecurity, help organizations protect themselves against cyber threats, and ensure that the EU’s digital infrastructure is more secure and resilient. The directive places certain duties and obligations (Duty of Care) on these entities to ensure the security and resilience of their network and information systems.

The directive is officially published, and member states have 21 months – until October 17, 2024 – to integrate its provisions into local legislation. There are four high-level areas of change:

1. Risk Management
2. Corporate Accountability
3. Reporting
4. Business Continuity

Immersive Labs supports multiple NIS2 requirements, including most Duty of Care responsibilities found in Article 21.

Digital Hygiene and Cybersecurity Education

Maintain regular software updates, patch management, and up-to-date security tools. Promote organizational cybersecurity awareness and education to inform all staff about security best practices and potential threats.

Workforce Exercising – Elevates cybersecurity awareness and effectiveness to ensure measurable digital hygiene improvements across risk areas, teams, and individuals.

Hands-On Labs – Provides engaging hands-on labs for everything from cyber fundamentals to advanced reverse engineering.

Risk Analysis (Assessment)

Conduct regular risk assessments to identify and assess potential security vulnerabilities and threats to information systems.

Hands-On Labs – Stay current with new threat techniques using labs on common cyber threats and attack vectors.

Incident Handling (Crisis Management)

Developing and implementing crisis management plans to respond effectively during a major cyber incident.

Crisis Simulations – Understand and experience how a crisis unfolds in the real world to test and build crisis response plans.

Business (Operational) Continuity

Ensuring operational continuity in the face of significant cyber incidents to minimize service disruptions.

Crisis Simulations – Extend your management training schedule beyond conventional tabletop exercises by immersing your teams in dynamic crisis simulations for maximum effectiveness.

Cyber Team Simulations – Helps deliver effective team responses to security threats. Foster and assess the technical skills through cyber range exercises.

Supply Chain Security

Addressing supply chain security by evaluating and securing the production or supply chain to prevent vulnerabilities from third-party sources.

Hands-On Labs – Use the latest cyber threat intelligence labs to understand and defend against new threats.

Security in Network and Information Systems

Measures to secure network and information systems, including addressing vulnerabilities and promptly responding to and communicating any discovered vulnerabilities.

Hands-On Labs – Use labs on fundamentals and defensive cybersecurity

Cryptography and Encryption

Using cryptography and encryption where appropriate to protect sensitive data and communications.

Hands-On Labs – Employ how-to cryptography labs.

Assess the Effectiveness

Policies and procedures to assess the effectiveness of risk management measures and cybersecurity practices.

The Immersive Labs Platform – Leverage our approach to people-centric cybersecurity to assess, benchmark, build, and prove cyber resilience.

Resilience Score – Engage advanced statistical methods to evaluate, compare, enhance, and substantiate resilience through a transparent, data-driven approach.

Evidence-Based – Employ granular performance data and alignment with security frameworks, including MITRE ATT&CK.

Crisis Simulations – Capture insightful data and actionable results to test cybersecurity policies, procedures, and plans.

Workforce Exercising – Understand and prove your overall cyber resilience covering eight key security risk areas.

We are the Leader in People-Centric
Cyber Resilience

Cutting-edge tools alone won’t guarantee resilience. Our approach, Cyber Workforce Resilience, helps organizations assess, benchmark, and prove their ability to respond effectively to cyber threats by focusing on people and teams making critical decisions.

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