How resilient is your organization to cyber threats?

Download our 2023 Cyber Workforce Benchmark Report to find out key industry trends and actions you can take to mitigate risk.

Immersive Labs’ Cyber Workforce Benchmark report offers a unique look at organizations’ resilience to threats (or lack thereof), revealed by analyzing our proprietary data over ‌a one-year period.


Our latest report builds on our research from our inaugural 2022 study, and empowers cyber leaders with insights to address strategy gaps, mitigate risk, and build lasting resilience to threats across the workforce.

Measuring cyber resilience is at the core of everything we do. For this report, we examined organizations’ preparedness for cyber attacks and breaches based on years of benchmarking data across industry verticals.

Key Findings

  • Seasoned cyber pros are more complacent in their skills than junior staff
  • Regulated industries only marginally outperform less-regulated peers
  • Organizations aren’t preparing their workforces enough for after-incident responses

Learn how to:

  • Make cybersecurity a strategic Board and C-level priority
  • Build a rock-solid cybersecurity culture across the workforce
  • Beware cybersecurity overconfidence or complacency
  • And more