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Defensive Security

Empowering Digital Defenders

  • Our defensive cybersecurity labs enable organizations to build a resilient workforce capable of effectively identifying, mitigating, and responding to cyber threats, reducing the likelihood and impact of security incidents.
  • Training ensures that employees understand and adhere to cybersecurity best practices, reducing the organization’s vulnerability to attacks. This, in turn, helps meet regulatory compliance requirements, avoiding potential legal and financial consequences associated with data breaches and security lapses.
  • The ideal solution for Defensive Cybersecurity Professionals, SOC Teams, Developers, IT Professionals, Network and System Admins, Incident Response Teams and many more.

Elevate Cyber Workforce Resilience

Addressing the multifaceted challenges of modern cyber crises, Immersive Labs ensures organizations optimize their cyber workforce, proving cross-functional crisis response capabilities and bolstering overall resilience with a targeted focus on knowledge, skills, and judgment.

Stay Ahead of Evolving Threats

Defensive security teams must navigate a landscape of constantly evolving threats. Immersive Labs understands the challenge of staying up to date, offering a solution that keeps your teams ahead in the cybersecurity arms race.

Measure Resilience and Skill Gaps

It’s not enough to know the threats; understanding your team’s resilience and skill gaps is crucial. Immersive Labs provides the data necessary to measure and enhance your team’s capabilities, ensuring they are well-prepared for any security scenario.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this approach different from traditional defensive training?2022-04-12T16:36:47+00:00

Blue team training doesn’t go far enough. Static, rote-learning qualifications quickly go out of date when threat actors evolve their techniques every day. Classroom courses lack a measurable impact on an organization’s resilience as a whole. And let’s not forget that unstimulating, dictated information can’t begin to compare with practicing blue team defense in real-world environments.

With new labs released all the time, Immersive Labs’ innovative approach to blue team training means defensive teams can continuously develop their skills in realistic sandbox environments and never be out of date. By equipping whole teams with the platform, managers can measure and confidently report on cyber resilience and identify areas of weakness at an individual, team, and organizational level.

How long does it take to access content?2022-04-12T16:36:23+00:00

The Immersive Labs platform is based in the cloud, meaning everyone can load up a content experience in seconds, wherever or whenever you like.

What threats and topics do Immersive Labs’ defensive content experiences cover?2022-04-12T16:36:39+00:00

As well as the fundamentals, the defensive practical labs cover topics like incident response, digital forensics, threat hunting, vulnerability management, plus a range of content on real ransomware groups and new threats recently exploited in the wild. Immersive Labs also offers skill series on defensive tooling including Zeek, Splunk, Elastic Stack, Wireshark, Snort, Yara… the list goes on.

See Defensive Security in Action

Hamilton took the strategic decision to expand its cyber upskilling beyond the cybersecurity team and into other departments. One employee, Phillipe, was able to make the move from janitor to junior SOC analyst via the Immersive Labs platform. Read the case study here.

Offensive/Red Teams

To effectively test for security weaknesses and vulnerabilities, offensive security teams must be trained and ready to deploy the latest attack techniques. But staying up-to-date requires continuous access to cyber threat content. Immersive Labs provides on-demand access to everything red teams need to stay effective.