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Cyber Ranges

Cyber Ranges provide security teams with a safe, sophisticated emulation of their network to grow and practice skills, test tools, or for development purposes – while eliminating the usual resource drain of creating in-house environments.

  • For Defensive teams, Pen-testers, SOC teams, and more
  • Develop skills in hyper-realistic, high-fidelity cyber range environments
  • Measure team performance to identify strengths and gaps
  • Prove team readiness and build confidence
  • Deploy completely custom or customizable pre-built range templates
Immersive Labs Cyber Range

On-Demand Access

Access your range in minutes. Our platform lets you access your environments – whether custom or pre-built templates – whenever needed. Whether it’s for training, testing, or development purposes, you can easily launch your environments with just a few clicks. And these environments are designed to automatically power down when not in use, saving you valuable resources and ensuring optimal efficiency.

Risk-free Environments

Schedule regular exercises to safely practice all defensive and offensive cybersecurity aspects. Using a sandboxed environment to build team resilience also shields production networks from any unintended consequences

Fast Deployment

Build in hours, launch in minutes: with Immersive Labs Cyber Ranges, you can quickly and efficiently build custom or pre-built range environments in a matter of hours and then launch in just minutes. This means you’ll have secure testing and learning environments up and running in no time, allowing your security teams to start without any delays.

Use Your Own Tools

With Immersive Labs Cyber Ranges, you have the flexibility to bring in your own tools and vendors, ensuring that your training and testing environments align with your specific use case – ensuring the highest level of relevance and effectiveness in your training exercises. By leveraging your own tools and vendors within the range, you can enhance the authenticity of your training and testing experiences, enabling your team to gain practical, hands-on experience in a controlled and secure environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Cyber Team Sim different from cyber ranges?2023-10-05T20:10:04+00:00

Cyber Team Sim provides engaging out-of-the-box scenarios and self-service team exercise facilitation using pre-configured cyber ranges. While Immersive Labs’ Cyber Ranges enable users to build complex networks to their specific requirements. Emulating your production network using cyber ranges provides the most realistic cyber training experience.

How long does it take to build a range?2023-10-05T20:10:46+00:00

You can configure, spin up, and deploy a cyber range in just minutes. Customers have reported taking a couple of weeks to a month to build a range from scratch, depending on the complexity of the range.

Can I customize existing Cyber Team Sim scenarios?2023-10-05T20:11:24+00:00

Yes. Existing offensive and defensive team scenarios can be customized to run in a custom range environment. Immersive Labs releases new content regularly to reflect the latest vulnerabilities and cyber attacks.

Should I start with existing content to build a scenario?2023-10-05T20:12:00+00:00

This answer comes down to how much time you have to create the content. Some customers may not have the available time or resources to completely customize. For these customers, pre-built content often allows them to start and finish much more quickly.

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Blog: Meet Heimdall: The Lightweight Cyber Range Template with Heavyweight features

Cybersecurity threats have become increasingly sophisticated, and detecting and responding to them requires constant innovation and training. We released a new template called Heimdall for use on our Tailored Cyber Ranges to meet this need. This template is designed to help organizations perform Detection Engineering, IOC Collection, and Analysis. Let’s dive into the features and benefits of this range template.