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Cyber Team Sim: Cyber Range Exercising

Responding to security threats requires a team effort – develop and benchmark technical cyber team skills using cyber range exercises.

  • For Defensive teams, Pen-testers, SOC teams, and more
  • Technical exercises using hyper-realistic, pre-configured cyber range environments
  • Measure team performance to identify strengths and gaps
  • Prove team readiness and build confidence
  • Exercises based on the latest cyber threats

Relevant Content

Pre-built scenarios simulate real-world attacks and situations your organization will likely face, keeping security teams up-to-date and prepared. Managers can also identify gaps in current coverage and show team improvement over time to demonstrate ROI on upskilling expenditures.

Risk-free Environments

Pre-configured exercises allow you to safely practice all aspects of defensive and offensive cybersecurity in a sandboxed environment to build team resilience. Practicing with enterprise tools in settings similar to your day-to-day work environment ensures relevant training experiences outside of sensitive production networks.


Results of cyber range team simulations are scored for individuals and the entire team. This provides the proof organizations need to ensure they’re ready for a real-life cyber attack (or if more exercise is required). It also delivers the data managers need to benchmark properly and track team progress.

Global Reach

Quickly scale your technical exercising program to support globally distributed teams, engaging team members simultaneously. Easy access to always-available scenarios increases organizational adoption and usage by removing the usual logistical obstacles.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to complete a Team Sim exercise?2023-10-05T19:06:55+00:00

Scenarios usually take four to eight hours to complete but can be completed over multiple days to ensure flexibility for busy security teams.

What types of scenarios are available for Cyber Team Sim?2023-10-05T19:07:39+00:00

Offensive and defensive team scenarios centered around specific vulnerabilities and attacks. A series of tasks may relate to exploiting networks or tracking attackers through environments. New content is released regularly to reflect the latest vulnerabilities and cyber attacks.

How do Cyber Team Sim exercises work?2023-10-05T19:08:14+00:00

Cyber Team Sim exercises enable multiple individuals to be in an environment simultaneously, working together to complete various tasks as a group. Environments are more complex than those in our bite-sized labs, providing a greater depth of exercising realism covering numerous tools and techniques within one scenario.

How is Cyber Team Sim different from cyber ranges?2023-10-05T19:08:56+00:00

Cyber Team Sim provides engaging out-of-the-box scenarios and self-service team exercise facilitation using pre-configured cyber ranges. While Immersive Labs’ Cyber Ranges enable users to build complex networks to their specific requirements. Emulating your production network using cyber ranges provides the most realistic cyber training experience.

How do Team Sim exercises complement Hands-On Labs?2023-10-05T19:09:38+00:00

Hands-On Labs help organizations assess, build, and prove cyber readiness with various technical labs using the latest gamified techniques.

Cyber range exercising pits your team’s capabilities to the test on real-world threats using pre-configured cyber range environments. These exercises use task-based challenges and technical simulations to enable teams to collaborate on real-world scenarios.

What are the benefits of Cyber Team Sim?2023-10-05T19:11:31+00:00
  • Regular practice in realistic scenarios helps your teams perform optimally when real incidents occur
  • Practice more frequently using always-available scenarios that you can use in minutes
  • Rapidly build complex, customized environments, enabling teams to practice with enterprise tools in environments similar to their day-to-day work environment
  • Prove team performance and build confidence that your people are prepared to respond to the latest threats
  • Identify gaps in current knowledge and show team improvement over time, confirming ROI on upskilling

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